Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali

Must do Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali

Padangbai in Bali is a diving jewel and any scuba diver who comes to this small fishing village will never leave disappointed. Scuba diving and snorkelling in Padangbai is some of the best around Bali. We have several good dive sites literally just few minutes away from our dive-shop. Most of them are perfect for beginners and diving courses. But of course we have also more challenging diving sites for experienced divers. Currents on those dive spots are very attractive for white and black tip reef sharks, various rays, lots of Pelagic fish and big schools of red tooth trigger fish and jack fish. But it is not only the big fish which make Padangbai such an attractive place for scuba divers. We have here one of the most amazing macro spots Bali can offer.

In Padangbai you can find leaf scorpion fish, robust and ornate ghost pipe fish, pygmy sea horse, many rare nudibranchs, frogfish, spanish dancers, stone fish, rhinopias, cat, nurse, lemon and wobbegong sharks, pipe fish, juvenile bat fish, cattle fish, dragonet fish, sea moth, seahorses and much much more. 

What are the “must do” dive divesites in Padangbai Bali?

Blue Lagoon Bali

When you scuba dive in Blue Lagoon you will start with a great view over the white sand beach of the coast. This white sand beach and the shallow clear blue waters is what makes this such an excellent site for both snorkelers and divers. Underwater you will encounter big healthy coral bommies teaming with life and great diversity of both hard and soft corals. There are many options on how the dive can be lead depending on what your interests are. If you head just a little north you will find a stretch of wall going as deep as 30m, overgrown mainly with soft corals and covered with plenty of hanging feather sea stars. On a day with good visibility you will just love this place. The gorgeous view combined with the amazing variety of marine species that inhabit this area is just unforgettable. If you decide to go the opposite direction away from the wall you will face a great coral acropora which continues with big bommies and gardens of table and soft coral. In the deeper parts of Blue Lagoon (18m) we have coral blocks which serve like cleaning stations for many types of fish and the life around them is always plentiful. While diving in Blue Lagoon in Padangbai, Bali you may see white tip and black tip reef shark, turtles, cuttle fish, frog fish, robust and ornate ghost pipe fish, frogfish, moray eels, garden eels, many families of puffer fish, porcupine fish, pipe fish, clown fish, banner fish, angel fish and so much of other reef fish.

Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali

Shark Point or Pura Kecil

This is probably the best dive site I know on Bali where you can spot white tip reef sharks on nearly every dive and when I say nearly I mean it. In all the years diving with OK Divers in Padangbai Bali it was usually only bad conditions which stop us from seeing them but is not only sharks which this stunning dive-site has to offer. Great volcanic rock underwater formations covered with soft and hard coral creates a really amazing scene full of marine life. On a most days you just don't want your dive to be finished. There are superb swim through tunnels, big coral bommies, fields of soft coral fighting for its place with big  table corals and above all, there are plenty of fish. While Scuba diving with OK Divers we very often see nice schools of jack fish, banner fish, red tooth trigger fish, trevallys, napoleons, turtles, cuttle fish, lots and lots of types reef fish and of course the sharks. If you're lucky it may be white and black tips as well wobbegong, nurse or bamboo sharks and this is not  even everything. In a good season even a mola mola may come along, this year we had here even a whale shark, eagle rays also like Pura Kecil point very much and if you do not really care for big fish, I am sure that macro species over here won’t leave you disappointed as well.

Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali Scuba Diving Dive Sites in Padangbai Bali

Jetty Padangbai

Jetty is our most recently discovered dive site in Padangbai. The Jetty was built as docking station for big Cruise ships but because its short length it was never used as such. In the 5 years of its existence the pilers have been covered by predominately soft coral which has created a paradise for juvenile fish. The clouds of them are sometimes so plentiful that they block the sun out and you have to wave your hand in front of you so you are able to see at least meter or so. It is just amazing to scuba dive over there. Now where there are juvenile fish there are lots of predators and I’m not talking about sharks or dolphins although Jetty is one of the places OK Divers have seen them hunting underwater. Jetty is just full of small hunters, hunters like frogfish, scorpion fish, leaf scorpion fish, wasp fish, rhinopias, mantis shrimps, cuttle fish, sepias, octopus are just to name a few. Jetty is one of the few places in Padangbai where we have seen a hairy and shaggy frog fish, blue ring octopus, mimic octopus, lacey rhinopia, solar nudibranch and many more thing we sometimes can not even identify. Jetty in Padangbai is locally a very popular fishing spot and folks like to fish there very much. Underwater there is quite a lot of debris, from it though the fish many times take this rubbish as their shelter and it doesn’t seem to bother them much.

Well these are the three dive sites everybody coming to Padangbai Bali should scuba dive. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t got more. Ferry channel with its huge turtles and pygmies is quite impressive asell : ) If you would like to know more about diving in Padangbai with OK Divers please write us an email or just comment below.