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Diving in Bali is Like Entering Another World

It is a scientific fact that of anywhere in the world Indonesia has the richest diversity of marine Flora and Fauna. It only takes a few minutes of diving here to realise that whatever created this beautiful planet we live on spent a lot more time under the sea than they did on land and it is nearly impossible to try and remember, even register everything you see from a dive. On one dive alone in Bali you maybe lucky enough to encounter some of the worlds amazing mega-fauna and be diving with oceanic sunfish (mola-mola) or mantas, all the while you are hovering above some of the most pristine reef systems on earth.

If you’re interested in the amazing critters the underwater world has to offer in Padangbai alone you are able to encounter Frogfish, Rhinopias, Ornate, Ghost Pipe Fish, Mimic Octopus just to name a few all at just one of the many dive sites we have to choose from. The joy of Bali’s diving is the fact that we are able to cater to all sorts of diving requests from beginners wanting to dive amongst some beautiful reefs surrounded by a whole reef guides book of fish, to some divers who maybe enjoy wreck diving in Tulamben and beyond to those experienced divers chasing a nice drift dive off Nusa Penida or Lembongan, hanging in a current down deep waiting for what might come out of the blue. You only have to look at the image gallery of OK Divers in Padangbai to see some of the amazing things we are lucky enough to encounter on a regular basis and realise if you haven’t dived Bali yet you are surely missing out on some of the worlds most prestige diving spots.