Bali Diving Specials

DurationNo. of DivesPrice 
Padangbai Special2 Days5 Day Dives 2 350 000 IDRBook NOW
Padangbai Special + night dive2 Days4 Day Dives/1 Night Dive2 650 000 IDRBook NOW
Bali Mini Macro Safari3 Days6 Dives4 600 000 IDRBook NOW
Bali Wreck Explorer2 Days4 Dives2 960 000 IDRBook NOW
East Bali Diving Highlights3 Days6 Dives3 800 000 IDRBook NOW
Mola-Mola Special3 Days6 Dives4 100 000 IDRBook NOW
Scuba-Diving Honeymoon1 Day2 Dives2 800 000 IDRBook NOW
Scuba-Diving Honeymoon Tulamben dives1 Day2 Dives/Tulamben3 000 000 IDRBook NOW
Scuba-Diving Birthday1 Day2 Dives1 500 000 IDRBook NOW
Scuba-Diving Birthday Tulamben dives1 Day2 Dives/Tulamben1 600 000 IDRBook NOW
The Best-Sellers Package 3 Days6 Dives4 100 000 IDRBook NOW
Best of Bali Diving Special5 Days10 Dives6 500 000 IDRBook NOW

All prices are per person. Book for 2 or more divers and get extra 10% discount on any diving package.

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