Bali Diving Safari Basic Introduction

A program created for people tired of catalogue holidays. It suits especially Bali travelers, who want to see something new every day, enjoy the variety of Bali dive sites and experience a great adventure. It’s a perfect choice for someone, who wants to be on the move but at the end of the day still wants to come back to the clean hotel room and comfy bed with head full of unforgettable moments. If you don’t dive, don’t worry – the program for non-divers won’t let you feel disappointed or less adventurous.    

Choose Bali Diving Safari

Best diving in Bali

Why choose Bali diving safari?

  • Because you want to explore as much as possible and don’t want to waste your precious holiday time.
  • Because we will take you diving to see the jewels of Bali Sea and Indian Ocean and you’ll be waking up with a different smell of sea breeze every day.
  • Because you will dive on drop offs, wrecks, coral gardens, walls and drifts.
  • Because you will not only see the most diverse underwater life, but all the other beauties Bali offers. From the rice fields, through the most expensive Luwak coffee in the world, to the holy springs and unique Hindu temples.

Why with OK Divers in Bali?

  • Location, guides, experience.
  • We’re based in Padangbai, the middle of divers’ interests. Our diving resort is truly a base camp for all the divers and has a strategic position for reaching all the Bali dive sites chosen for the diving safari program.
  • For our dive guides, with the large experience from diving in Bali are Bali waters like their second home. They’re able to show you the best diving spots.
  • On the top of that, we always try to fulfill every request and create a pleasant family like atmosphere.

How long?

Up to you.

  • Do you have enough time and want to see as much as possible including the sites which are not that crowded, yet very beautiful? Then 13 days Bali safari is the best choice for you.
  • If the time is pushing you a little, you should go with the 11 days Bali safari to experience a nice combination of diving and exploring the culture.
  • The shortest 9 days Bali safari is ideal for those of you who want to put the passion for diving first, but still willing to spend some time touring around Bali Island.