Join Sulphur Collectors on Your Trip to Java Volcano

Java Kawah Ijen volcano is one of several great volcanoes located in the 15 km diameter of Ijen Caldera area in East Java, Indonesia. The Caldera rim is still visible in places, but has been partially buried by Kawah Ijen, 2800m high Gunung Merapi (not to be confused with Merapi volcano near Yogyakarta), Gunung Rante and Gunung Pendil volcanoes famous for its turquoise colour. The active crater measuring 950 x 600 meter is known for its rich sulphur deposits which are being quarried.  Nova day caldera is largely filled with fresh and beautiful coffee plantations. Kawah Ijen harbours a large warm acidic crater lake and an active sulphur mine. Due to its easy accessibility, turquoise lake and unique sulphur mining operation, the crater is regularly visited by tourists on their holiday in Java and Bali. The last recorded magmatic eruption of Kawah Ijen was in 1817.

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