Bali Holiday Journey to the History of Java

The mighty Gunung Bromo really is something special. It's not the mountain itself, but the sheer majesty of the experience, the immense size of the entire Tengger crater, the supernatural beauty of the scenery and the dramatic highland light really are what dreams of travelers are made of. Sunrise is the best time. This is when the great crater is at its ethereal best and colors are most impressive. But visibility is usually good throughout the day in the dry season, even though the slopes below Cemoro Lawang may be covered in mist.

If you want to just hike to Bromo from Cemoro Lawang it’s a 3 km, 40 minute walk down the crater wall across to the Laotian Pasir (Sea of Sand) and the slopes of Bromo. White stone markers are easy to follow during the day but can be more elusive in the dark. After ascending the 253 steps you’ll come face to face with the steaming, sulphurous guts of the Java Bromo volcano. There are sweeping views back across the Laotian Pasir to the lip of the crater and over to Batok and the Hindu temple (which only opens on auspicious days in the pilgrim calendar) at its base. If you going on your holiday in Bali to Java Bromo is certainly must do thing.

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