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OK Divers Bali Diving

Diving Bali with us

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bali is Indonesia's most popular dive holiday destination. Many visitors find the attraction of good shore-based Bali resort diving set . . .


OK Divers Padang Bai

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Puri Rai Hotel in Padang Bai gives a warm welcome and offers the comforts of an intimate and private location. The hotel combines comfort, natural beauty and tradition ...




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OK Divers your most personal and safe scuba dive centre in Padangbai Bali

We run OK Divers scuba Bali diving resort in Padangbai over 10 years. We have a lot of experience in scuba Bali diving and we believe that a private and individual approach towards our customers is the most important thing. We will willingly and enthusiastically try to accommodate every need and desire you bring with you on your holiday and we are more than happy to assist, help or fully organise all aspects of your scuba Bali diving holiday. Take your time to browse through all sections of our website you will read a lot of practical information about Scuba Diving, PADI Diving Courses, Bali Dive Sites, Bali Diving Safari, Bali Daily Trips with many pictures useful information about diving in Padangbai Bali with OK Divers. If you are still hesitating you can read our excellent reviews on TripAdvisor to feel like you know the OK Divers Diving Center even before you get here. If you would like to read some NEWS form Bali or Diving just check out our BLOG. Is there any question you didn't find an answer here? Are you a BIG Group looking for Special Offers or do you just fancy some more information?  Write as an email with your question.

 OK Divers Bali Diving


Bali Scuba Dive Courses
Whether you’re seeking to experience your first breath underwater with Discovery Scuba Diving or you wold like to take your first Course PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or you are experienced Scuba Diver and want any next Diving specialty course you’ll find the perfect PADI possibilities with OK Divers right here. OK Divers classes in Padangbai open every day all year round and everybody is very welcome. Almost anyone can learn to scuba diving with OK Divers.

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bali is the Indonesia's most popular scuba diving holiday destination. OK Divers in Padangbai are situated just in the heart of this beautiful Bali diving. We can organise scuba diving Bali trips to all divesites around Bali and to most of them we do not even have to travel for longer than 20 minutes. Our diving location are full of marine life you will never forget in your life..

Bali Diving Safari
In OK Divers we organise more type of Safaris around Bali. The programs differ based on number of the scuba dives and location. You can either choose from our offers or we can simply build a Scuba Diving safari made just to your needs. Take a look at our different Bali Safaris, Papua Safari or simply write us message about your dreams and we well arange the best Diving Safari for you.

Blog and News from OK Divers in Padangbai Bali

Protecting sharks is protecting the oceans

Almost 40 years after the stupid movie “Jaws” scientist, conservationist and shark protecting organisation are still picking up the pieces and trying to explain to people of the world that sharks are not ferocious man eaters. This movie was one of the most successful misleading achievement of cinematography ever. Thanks to Steven Spielberg most of the sharks was taken as cruel dangerous animals and killing them was considered sexy and heroic. But it is not. They are one of the most vital parts of the ocean and if we kill them all the oceans will be totally different place. Place really far away from the image of blue water full of colourful fish and coral reefs we like to picture in our dreams of tropical paradise.

If you like to read more about the place of shark in the ocean try this ...

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